Growing diversity and discovery

The 1980s were a period of growing diversity and discovery. The Urban Theological Institute (UTI) was created to train the region’s African American pastors from many backgrounds who were seeking a program of part-time, quality academic study while they continued to hold regular jobs. New study concentrations were developed as part of a regular plan for curriculum revision to keep pace with rapid cultural and societal change. The seminary initiated a program for Hispanics, and more women graduates were ordained. The composition of the faculty continued to change to be more diverse and ecumenical. Faith Rohrbough became the first woman to serve as the dean of a Lutheran seminary, and went on to become  president of Saskatoon Seminary in Canada. Dr. Andrew Willis, Dr. Gladys Willis, Pastor Bill Moore, Lois Barksdale, UTI Director Quintin Robertson, and Professor Katie Day will escort you through highlights of this period.