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  1. John Kahler

    As someone long connected to LTSP (my first Lutheran pastor – in the 70s – was an LTSP graduate, as have been a number of other pastors I have known, both in congregations and elsewhere in the life of the church), who was fortunate to have the mission of the seminary be a part of my ministry, it has been – and continues to be – a great pleasure and privilege to create this 150th Anniversary timeline project as a living and growing look at the Philadelphia seminary, know by so many names by the alumni, neighbors, friends, and supporters of this valuable and influential part of the church and God’s mission and ministry in this world. It was a special privilege to work with colleagues, friends, and mentors Mark Staples and Merri Brown to envision, plan, and bring this to you. Very special thanks to the Rev. Dr. Karl Krueger, who helps to frame many of the early parts of this story, Dr. Jon Pahl, who acts as your guide through this history, and LTSP President the Rev. Dr. Philip Krey, who welcomes you and helped to guide us in the project. We owe special recondition to those who recorded the history of this institution, especially the Rev. Dr. Theodore Tappert, whose 100th anniversary book provided any memories of the first century of the school. Thanks to the many who we interviewed and who have shared their stories and knowledge and allowed us to point a camera and microphone at them so we could share those memories and stories with you. Also to the many faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have shared their time, thoughts, and memories over the years and help to frame my understanding of LTSP and its place in God’s creation, and the many influences it has had on those who carry out His ministry in the world. – John

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