The 150th Anniversary Campaign

150th Anniversary Campaign

We are thankful for your support — above and beyond your annual gifts — of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia’s (LTSP) 150th Anniversary Campaign, recognizing this historic moment with gifts that will sustain LTSP’s ability to provide student scholarship and enhance our resources for strengthening the mission of the seminary.

There are three funds which make up the campaign:

The Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the Endowed Scholarship Fund will support the endowed fund for student scholarships. The long-range goal of $10 million will provide student aid from the earnings of this endowed fund. Give to the Endowed Scholarship Fund online

The Leadership Fund

Gifts to the Leadership Fund will raise the level of unrestricted giving to support the ongoing mission of the seminary. Unrestricted gifts are an important resource to lower the cost of seminary education for all students. Give to the Leadership Fund online

The Philip D.W. Krey 150th Anniversary Fund

This unrestricted fund will give you the opportunity to recognize the ministry of Dr. Krey as he concludes his role as president of the seminary. Give to the Philip D.W. Krey 150th Anniversary Fund online

This online form allows you to give to one, two or all three of the 150th Anniversary Campaign funds. Thank you for helping to continue the work of LTSP for the next 150 years!